Kitchens in Selma Catering is dedicated to creating jobs and skills to prepare the people of Selma and surrounding communities for long-term employment.  We do so by preparing, delivering and serving outstanding food through our catering service.

Edmundite Missions Executive Chef, Harry T. Dominick, crafts unique menus for all catering needs and for all occasions.  From sandwiches for an office meeting with important clients to a social luncheon to a gala dinner, our offerings represent the best ingredients, the healthiest and most creative recipes, and the most striking southern flair.

Click here to see samples of our offerings.

We can accommodate any menu demands, any type of event, and any size of gathering.

We provide our clients with a range of services, from the delivery of food alone to the provision of service staff to the full range of food and service for sit-down events.

Through Kitchens in Selma Catering you will not only find THE BEST food and service for your event, you will contribute to enabling a new generation of professionals for the hospitality industry as we build a pathway out of poverty.

For more information and detail regarding your catering needs and our capabilities, follow this link to request further information.  We will respond within 48 hours.

We are excited to serve you!

Chef Harry Dominick is Director of Bosco Nutrition Services.  He is an Army veteran and a graduate of the Hudson County Culinary Institute in New Jersey.  Chef D has been Executive Chef at a number of colleges and universities, positions which included managing extensive catering services.  He has owned and operated his own restaurants and has trained young people who have gone on to pursue successful careers in food service management and catering.