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Combining a History of Fighting Poverty

The need is startling.  Selma is still one of the poorest communities in the nation and the challenges are enormous. Median household income is 40% of the national average and 69% of Selma’s children live in poverty. Unemployment between the ages of 22 and 44 is a shocking 73%. Edmundite Missions is the largest provider of food, clothing and social services in Selma and the surrounding Black Belt area, but feeding the hungry is at its heart. It is how and why we were created. The Missions currently serves 1,000 meals (lunch and dinner) in its congregate dining facility at the Bosco Nutrition Center and delivers hundreds of meals daily to the homebound poor.



Lifting Selma out of poverty

The first entrepreneurial effort of Enterprises, Kitchens in Selma, is grounded in that commitment to food, offering products created and produced at the Bosco Nutrition Center and embodying a unique “taste of the South” by using locally sourced ingredients. 100% of net proceeds are re-invested in feeding and serving the poor in Selma and rural areas.  And with every product, jobs and skills provide a pathway out of poverty. We look forward to serving you, and, through you, bring jobs and hope to the poor of Selma.


1401 Broad St, Selma, AL 36701, USA

(334) 267-0629 / (334) 874-9053 x106

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